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Sun, Feb 24, 2013
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Our final conversation is one which happened in the hours before Jesus' death. The one on the other side of this conversation could not have realized just how deeply his words with Jesus would lead him. And at the end of it all, his quest for truth would be pushed aside for so many reasons. But there Jesus...his eyes piercingly looking right into the soul calling to deeper places. But some just won't take the next step...the right step...and their names are included as cautionary tales in history. Such is the case with Pontus Pilate...
Sun, Feb 17, 2013
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Sometimes conversations happen when we are not even speaking. It seems like this happened a lot when Jesus was involved. And in those moments when we are rendered speechless, it is then that Jesus puts the ball on our side of the court and asks us to run with it...and step up...and grow deeper. So in reality...silence CAN be golden.
Sun, Feb 10, 2013
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Many of the questions which came to Jesus came with an agenda behind it. Today's talk is one of the moments. In the middle of trying to discover what it takes to please God a certain religious leader came to Jesus to ask him a question which he already knew the answer to. But Jesus knew there was more behind the eyes. And the discovery of just exactly what that was turns out to be a great opportunity for you and I to remember just what on earth we are here for...
Sun, Feb 03, 2013
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The 2nd and 3rd of three tests that Jesus faces in the midst of conversation with His enemy.
Sun, Jan 27, 2013
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We take just a bit of a detour with today's message and examine Jesus' conversation with the Devil when he was tempted and tested after an extended time of no food. This interaction would ultimately prove how Jesus became the one who has gone before us to live a perfect life and became the perfect substitute to take our failures, foibles and sins. And through that...he became...our GREAT SAVIOR.
Sun, Jan 20, 2013
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It's easy to lose sight of what is most important. Then mix in some difficult times, some stormy weather, and before you know it you are overwhelmed with fear and starting to sink. In reality, if you could keep your sights on God and let him deal with the details, you might just be able to make it through without sinking. But...HE MUST BE FIRST. Of course that can be easier said than done. But it is possible. Just ask Peter...
Sun, Jan 13, 2013
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In every conversation Jesus has, his desire is to awaken faith in the life of the person he is talking to. Sometimes that may seem unorthodox or even hard to hear. But knowing that Jesus can see right into us, we can be assured that when the ball is put into our court and we pick it and trust will awaken and lead the way.
Sun, Jan 06, 2013
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Contact with Jesus always resulted in life change. It was true when Jesus walked the earth and it is true today. Part 1 of this new series gives us a glimpse of God's heart for people and his desire for them to rise above the fray.
Sun, Dec 23, 2012
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As we wrap up the bulk of the Christmas Narrative, we are challenged by Mary to keep his advent "Dear and Deep" within spend a bit of time wondering around...and to make sure we don't miss what this season is truly all about.
Sun, Dec 16, 2012
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It's amazing to think that the God of the universe is with us. And yet his name as shared by the prophet years ago to herald his coming was Immanuel, which means God with us. How do you think your life might go if everyday you woke up with this one idea in your head: GOD IS WITH ME. It might change everything.